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Welcome To Arden Creek Designs | A Rustic Home Decor Company

Arden Creek Designs is a family owned rustic home décor company specializing in distinctive and unique handcrafted natural furnishings based upon the styles of the Adirondack rustic design. The company's studio is located on the grounds of historic Camp Arden, built in the turn of the twentieth century, a peaceful setting deep in the Adirondack Park of Upstate New York. The history and charm of Camp Arden as well as the natural beauty of the Adirondack Park, provide our skilled craftsmen with the artistic inspiration seen in Arden Creek Designs' furnishings.

The will of the early settlers in this region of upstate New York to survive as well as their creative use of the natural resources surrounding them, enabled these settlers to produce a new architectural style and art form unique to the Adirondack region. Using the same resourcefulness, sustainability, energy and high spirits of these early craftsmen, the artisans at Arden Creek Designs aims to bring past and present together in functional design, not to jar, but to enrich one another, reviving the Adirondack traditions and culture of the pioneers who forged their way into this beautiful, foreboding wilderness.

We serve clients in the Adirondack Park, throughout the country and overseas. Our clientele is broad based, from museums to institutions, corporations to government agencies, as well as private collectors. Arden Creek Designs specializes in working with architects and interior designers. Call us today to see how we can help you with your project.

Camp Arden circa 1880
Camp Arden circa 1880