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Arden Creek Designs is dedicated in providing our clients with up to date rustic decorating suggestions, tips and history.

Form follows function. The trend among many Americans today is to leave suburbia in favor of urban environments. The motivation for the change to cities is centered on better career opportunities… read more
Camp Arden, the home of Arden Creek Designs, has used cedar railings throughout the camp since its beginning. The use of cedar railings go back to the late eighteen hundreds, the design was… read more
Aspen GroveThe Aspen Tree is often mistaken in appearance for a Birch Tree, but appearance is where it ends; both are uniquely different from each other. The confusion between both trees is the white… read more
Today’s world of interior design is filled with a vast array of styles and trends, and just choosing one is often difficult for many, myself included. Here is where a challenge often occurs, how to… read more
When it comes to decorating an interior space there are often many elements to take into consideration when designing your perfect space. The main focus of attention when designing often centers… read more
I am sure by now you have heard Pantone’s 2017 color of the year is Greenery. Speaking of green, with spring on its way around the corner, many of us are looking forward to the days of being able to… read more
Today consumers looking to decorate are overwhelmed with the word “natural” when shopping for décor items, and often than not confused as to what truly constitutes as natural. Don’t worry you are… read more
Today it is hard to pick up an architectural or interior design magazine without seeing at least one photo showing antlers as part of the decor. Decorating with antlers and horn is once again very… read more
The startling colors, textures and craftsmanship of Arden Creek Designs have delighted architects, designers and their customers for over 20 years.   Whether you’re seeing our work in publications… read more
Over the 20 plus years that Arden Creek has been in business, we have noticed a trend. Each year around mid-January we see an influx of clients inquiring about our various products for their home,… read more
2016’s chapter is quickly coming to a close and in a couple of days designers will be integrating new and innovative ways to decorate in 2017. This past year the pallets of Interior Designers were… read more
Arden Creek Designs has been providing decorative birch bark wall and ceiling coverings for over 20 years. We have been providing birch bark coverings in a variety of application, be it commercial,… read more
Deer antlers today are very much in vogue among designers, architects and the public. There is a new appreciation for the simplicity, elegant stylization and pleasing lines of the antler. There are… read more
Taxidermy gained refinement and popularity during the mid to late 18th century, a time period also is known as the “Golden Era” of the Adirondacks Mountains. A new phenomena was taking place in the… read more
The word, “Taxidermy” is derived from two words in the Greek language. The first is taxis, which means removing, preserving, arrangement and derma, meaning the skin. Taxidermy means “skin art” and… read more
Recently a client contacted Arden Creek Designs regarding their fireplace. Our client had a beautiful home situated on a lake in the Adirondack Park. When they bought the home a year ago they had… read more
White Birch Bark Trees were and are plentiful in the Adirondack Mountains, and to this new group of migrating residents, birch bark represented the essence of the natural wideness at its best.  White… read more
The White Birch Tree, is one of the most majestic and noticeable trees in the Northern regions of North America and the greater Northern Hemisphere. The Birch Tree's white bark stands out against the… read more
The striking white bark of the birch tree is pealed from a living tree causes damage to the tree. Arden Creek Designs is concerned about the ecology of our natural resources and embraces the concept… read more
The Birch Tree, a member of the genus Betula, and the family Betulaceae, it is a hardwood tree that is widespread in temperate and boreal climates in the Northern Hemisphere, It thrives particularly… read more
      The Danish have a ritual style of living that is beginning to capture the attention of many here in the United States. The name for this approach to living is Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga).… read more
The word "birch" is the common name given to the birch tree, it derives its origin from the old Germanic word,birka coupled with the Proto-Indo European word, bhereg which means, "bright, white, to… read more
Arden Creek Designs has the privilege of working with clients throughout the country, assisting them in incorporating the warm of the elements of nature into the interior environments they are… read more
Antlered chandeliers have been in existence for centuries. Antler chandeliers were most often used in European castles. Hunting of the large stag deer was for the most part, reserved for nobility.… read more
Rustic Cedar BenchCamp Arden was established in the 1880's as a summer residence for the Carpenter family. Like other camps of it's kind in the Adirondacks, it had a guide/caretaker. During the cold… read more