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Designer Bedroom Furnishings

Arden Creek Designs have been providing luxury handcrafted designer bedroom furnishings for over 20 years customized to meet your unique and distinctive décor styles. Whether for your vacation home or your main residency, our furniture is skillfully constructed to provide you with years of functional and aesthetic use. Designed to meet today's everyday needs, with a touch of the elegant natural style associated with the Adirondack Mountains, we create unique and distinctive bedroom furnishings. Our craftsmen use only the finest local sustainably sourced Birch, Cherry, pine and other natural materials in our designer pieces.

Our handcrafted Adirondack Birch beds can be ordered to any size necessary for your project. In addition, monograming may also be incorporated into the foot board design to ad extra charm to your unique piece of artwork. Arden Creek crafts its beds from the finest local materials. Each bed is made of Birch logs and can be trimmed with Black Cherry twig work, depending on your preference. The client can choose a the finish to be natural, or a special procedure can be applied to create a warm, aged, mellow appearance.

Our craftsmen have lovingly designed and crafted these sturdy, unique one of a kind pieces of art for you. The Adirondack Birch dressers are custom ordered to meet your specifications necessary to your project. Due to the natural element we use in construction, no dresser is exactly the same, creating a one of a kind designer item in every piece.