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Handcrafted Adirondack Rustic Bookcases & Unique Cabinets

Arden Creek Designs' Adirondack rustic secretaries, bookcases and cabinets are handcrafted in house by our skilled workmen. Our Adirondack furnishings are elegantly designed and built to represent the charm and quality of classical Adirondack rustic furniture of yester year; while combined with touches of contemporary style. Arden Creek Designs' furniture and decorative accessories are designed with the concept of combining the raw and natural beauty of Mother Nature in and amongst your interior design. A concept begun back in the turn of the nineteenth century among the those who built their getaway homes within the Adirondack Park of upstate New York. Today our artisans craft these unique and distinctive pieces of work with the versatility and beauty for all design styles. All of our secretaries, bookcases and cabinets are custom crafted from the finest locally harvested woods, birch bark, cherry twigs, antlers, and other natural materials available, giving you a piece of artwork while functionally serving you for years. Due to the nature of our furnishings being handcrafted from natural materials, each piece is unique with no two exactly alike. Whether your handcrafted Adirondack rustic furnishing is used as the focal point within the room or as an accent piece, our pieces are truly one of a kind works of art which enhance any style of décor!