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Handcrafted Birch Decorative Home Furnishings

At Arden Creek Designs, we pride ourselves with over 30 years of skillfully handcrafting birch bark decorative furnishings. The versatility and sleekness of the birch material allows for a variety of distinctive decorative items to be produced for your interior setting. Birch is the perfect natural material for introducing the outdoors within your interior style! Whether your décor concept is of a traditional mountain lodge or a contemporary setting, this material's sleek and clean appearance goes great in any style setting.  When our talented builders produce your custom handcrafted birch decorative furnishings, they use only the finest local birch materials, ensuring you will be provided with a high quality product. All of our handcrafted birch decorative furnishings are custom built in house to meet your exact design requirements. Because birch is a natural material, all of our products will have some type of variation to them and no one will be exactly the same. We strive hard to limit these differences, but it is something that inevitable when using a natural product.