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Natural Rustic Log Railings

Arden Creek Designs specializes in rustic railings and posts for any type of design project, whether it be interior or exterior. We provide a large selection of natural locally sources cedar, cherry and white birch logs of various sizes and dimensions for your post and railing concept. We are happy to as well provide you with bark on or peeled logs for your project.  

Whether you are looking for raw materials for your décor project or looking to have our skilled craftsmen construct your railing custom designed Adirondack rustic railing concept for you, we are happy to assist you any way you prefer.

When it comes to the design of your railing concept, you can choose from various log patterns to accentuate the center of your railings to a more natural flowing branch concept. We can certainly assist you in choosing the appropriate design pattern that fits best with your style.

Adirondack Rustic Birch Railing

Contemporary Peeled Cedar Railing

Peeled Birch Post and Railing

Peeled Cedar Post and Railing

Rustic Cedar Railing Bridge

Detailed Peeled Cedar Railing Bridge

Raw Peeled Cedar Posts

Raw Unpeeled Cedar Posts