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Pheasant Mount
Pheasant Taxidermy

Taxidermy Mounts
With over 30 years experience in taxidermy, Arden Creek Designs offers some of the best North American taxidermy mounts available. We have produced mounts for private and public institutions around the country, as well as internationally. These mounts are skillfully created by our artisans to provide you a unique product for any setting. Our mounts are realistic, giving great attention to every detail. The samples shown here are only a portion of the many mounts we can produce. If you do not see what you want, such as a particular specimen mounted in a specific way, we can custom make it for you. We also have the availability to produce mounts of species from other continents, not just North America.

Pheasant Taxidermy
Rattlesnake Rattlesnake Animal mount taxidermy Rattlesnake - #TM-196
This fantastic Rattlesnake mount would be a great addition to any room. Mounted in a striking pose, ... [full details]
Deer Skull Wall Mount Skull Animal Mount Taxidermy Deer Skull Wall Mount - #TM-194
Our deer skull wall mounts are a unique way to decorate in any design setting, whether it be a tradi... [full details]
Artic Fox Fox taxidermy rustic Artic Fox - #TM-193
This majestic Artic Fox mount is beautifully mounted upon a natural piece of drift wood. Crafted in ... [full details]
Black Bear full mount Taxidermy Black Bear Natural Black Bear full mount - #TM-87
Our full mount of the Black Bear standing upon its hind legs, grabbing onto a natural piece of drift... [full details]
Raccoon Hanging Animal Mount Taxidermy Wildlife Taxidermy Raccoon Hanging - #TM-88
This little raccoon has lost its footing and hanging by its two feet. Mounted on natural driftwood. ... [full details]
Standing Raccoon Raccoon Animal mount taxidermy Standing Raccoon - #TM-160
Our standing Raccoon is mounted on a natural piece of driftwood, posed in an alert position. Crafted... [full details]
Raccoon with Craker Jack  Box Taxidermy Raccoon Animal Mount Raccoon with Craker Jack Box - #TM-89
This whimsical little raccoon is caught with its paw in the Craker Jack box. This mount is a great c... [full details]
Lazy Raccoon Taxidermy Raccoon Animal mount Lazy Raccoon - #TM-90
This free standing Raccoon mount is displayed in a laid back position. Great for any shelf or ledge ... [full details]
Raccoon Climbing Animal Mount Raccoon Taxidermy Raccoon Climbing - #TM-94
Raccoon looking downward as it climbs up a tree. Mounted on a natural piece of drift wood. Crafted i... [full details]
Raccoon Hiking Taxidermy Animal Mount Raccoon Raccoon Hiking - #TM-95
Part of our whimsical collection. This mount of a hiking Raccoon is sure to liven any room. Mounted ... [full details]
Raccoon Canoeing Taxidermy Animal Mount Raccoon Raccoon Canoeing - #TM-92
Part of our whimsical collection, this mount of a Raccoon paddling its birch bark canoe is sure to l... [full details]
Two Raccoons in a Canoe Wildlife Mount Raccoon Taxidermy Two Raccoons in a Canoe - #TM-93
Our whimsical Raccoon buddies paddling in their birch bark canoe is a fun addition to any room. Sur ... [full details]
Peeping Raccoon Raccoon Taxidermy Wildlife Mount Peeping Raccoon - #TM-91
Little Raccoon peeping his head out of a tree hole. Great little accent piece for your home or apart... [full details]
Noahs Ark Raccoons Taxidermy Noah's Ark Noahs Ark - #TM-187
Whimsical collection of your choice of animals to add to a birch bark canoe Ark. [full details]
Gray Fox Standing Gray Fox Animal Mount Taxidermy Gray Fox Standing - #TM-104
This majestic mount of a Gray Fox standing is mounted on a natural piece of drift wood. This beautif... [full details]
Resting Red Fox Red Fox Taxidermy Animal Mount Resting Red Fox - #TM-161
This lovely mount of a Red Fox lying on its side relaxed, as if it were checking out the area. This ... [full details]
Fisher on Branch Fisher Taxidermy Animal Mount Fisher on Branch - #TM-110
This nice mount of a Fisher is elegantly displayed on a natural wooden branch, as if it were seeking... [full details]
Coyote Laying Down Resting Coyote Animal Mount Taxidermy Coyote Laying Down Resting - #TM-103
Our freestyle Coyote mount is displayed laying down as if it were scanning its surroundings for its ... [full details]
Coyote Howling Coyote Taxidermy Animal Mount Coyote Howling - #TM-102
Mount of a Coyote standing on a piece of natural driftwood on all fours, calling out to his companio... [full details]
Mink on Driftwood Animal Mount Mink Taxidermy Mink on Driftwood - #TM-112
Nice mount of a Mink standing on a natural piece of driftwood. Crafted in the U.S.A. [full details]
Wolverine Free Standing Wolverine Wolverine Taxidermy Wildlife Mount Wolverine Free Standing - #TM-113
A rarely seen animal of the North, our the wolverine mount stands free displaying its bold dispositi... [full details]
Mountain Lion Mountain Lion Taxidermy Animal mount Mountain Lion - #TM-137
This majestic mount of a Mountain Lion lying upon a natural piece of driftwood, as it this beauty wa... [full details]
Mountain Lion (free standing) Lion Animal Mount Taxidermy Mountain Lion (free standing) - ##TX-176
Elegant free standing Mountain Lion. A wonderful addition for any mountain or city home. Crafted in ... [full details]
Bobcat After Pheasant Bobcat Taxidermy Animal Mount Bobcat After Pheasant - #TM-96
This striking mount of a Bobcat leaping after a Pheasant is dramatic item indeed. Crafted in the U.S... [full details]
Beaver Chewing Log Beaver Taxidermy Natural Beaver Chewing Log - #TM-116
This free standing Beaver mount is positioned holding a log while chewing on it. Crafted in the U.S.... [full details]
Porcupine Porcupine Animal Mount Taxidermy Porcupine - #TM-164
Our mount of a Porcupine climbing up a tree, momentarily pausing to look out over the area. Mounted ... [full details]
Lazy Opossum Opossum Animal mount taxidermy Lazy Opossum - #TM-163
Our Opossum mount is displayed lying lazily on a branch while looking out at the world without a car... [full details]
Standing Otter Otter Animal mount Taxidermy Standing Otter - #TM-158
Positioned on a piece of natural driftwood, the River Otter mount stands on its hind two feet in an ... [full details]
Striped Skunk Standing Skunk Taxidermy Animal Mount Striped Skunk Standing - #TM-109
This elegant Skunk mount is free standing on all fours. Crafted in the U.S.A. [full details]
Black Squirrel On Driftwood Black Squirrel Taxidermy Natural Black Squirrel On Driftwood - #TM-111
Our Black Squirrel climbing on tree wall mount is sure to be a great conversation starter in any set... [full details]
Cottontail Rabbit Cottontail Rabbit Taxidermy Animal mount Cottontail Rabbit - #TM-159
Our Cottontail Rabbit has been positioned standing on a piece of driftwood in an alert position. Cra... [full details]
Whitetail Fawn Whitetail deer Fawn Animal mount Whitetail Fawn - #TM-162
This fawn is mounted in a resting position, waiting for its mother to return. Our specimens are brou... [full details]
Moose Head & Shoulder Wall Mounts Moose Taxidermy Animal Mount Moose Head & Shoulder Wall Mounts - #TM-98
A wonderful item for above your fireplace or in your great room. We can provide you with any type of... [full details]
Mule Deer Mount mule deer Animal mount taxidermy Mule Deer Mount - ##TX-365
This majestic Mule Deer mount is an excelent addition to any home. The mount can be positioned to yo... [full details]
White Tail Deer Head & Shoulder Wall Mount Deer Mount Deer Taxidermy White Tail Deer White Tail Deer Head & Shoulder Wall Mount - #TM-100
Our traditional White Tail Deer head and shoulder wall mount can be crafted in any pose you desire. ... [full details]
Antelope Wall Mount Antalope taxidermy Mounted Antelope Wall Mount - #TX-234
This fantastic two pronged antelope is a wonderful addition to any taxidermy collection. The antelop... [full details]
Black Bear Head & Shoulder Wall Mount Black Bear Mount Bear Mount Black Bear Taxidermy Black Bear Head & Shoulder Wall Mount - #TM-99
These impressive bear mounts can be done either with the mouth open or closed. [full details]
Bison Head & Shoulder Wall Mount Bison Mount Bison Taxidermy Bison Wall Mount Bison Head & Shoulder Wall Mount - #TM-101
The Bison, often spurring the iconic image of the West, with this majestic animal roaming the vast ... [full details]
Black Bear Rugs Bear Rug Black Bear Taxidermy Black Bear Rugs - #TM-114
Once a common feature in any historic great home or hunting lodge. This is your chance to have this ... [full details]
Ruffed Grouse Standing Grouse Bird mount Bird Taxidermy Ruffed Grouse Standing - #TM-108
Our Ruffed Grouse mount stands on a natural piece of driftwood. Crafted in the U.S.A. [full details]
Turkey on Leaves turkey bird mount Taxidermy Turkey on Leaves - ##TX-175
A majestic turkey, mounted on a bed of fallen leaves. This turkey is a wonderful addition to any col... [full details]
Pheasant Flying Pheasant Mount Pheasant Taxidermy Bird Mount Pheasant Flying - #TM-122
This wonderful Pheasant mounted in a flight position, is mounted to a natural piece of drift wood. Y... [full details]
Pheasants Flying Pheasant Taxidermy Bird Mount Bird Taxidermy Pheasants Flying - #TM-106
These flying pheasants can be configured either as a male and hen, or as 2 males. Crafted in the U.S... [full details]
Standing Pheasant Bird Mount Bird Taxidermy Pheasant Standing Pheasant - #TM-107
This attractive Pheasant mount stands mounted on a natural drift wood base. Crafted in the U.S.A. [full details]
Four Pheasant Scene pheasant mount taxidermy Four Pheasant Scene - #TX-283
The four pheasants are skillfully placed to create a beautiful scene. The pheasants can be changed t... [full details]
Walleye Pike on Plaque Walleye Pike Taxidermy Fish mount Walleye Pike on Plaque - #TM-165
This grouping of early fishing equipment arranged with a Walleye Pike. We can provide whatever speci... [full details]
Northern Pike Fish Mount Pike Fish Taxidermy Fish Mount Northern Pike Fish Mount - #TM-117
We provide Northern Pike mounts in any pose that you like. We can also generally provide a variety o... [full details]
Small Mouth Bass Fish Taxidermy Bass Mount Small mouth bass Small Mouth Bass - #TM-118
For the Small Mouth Bass fish mounts we do all posses and sizes, just let us know and we will be hap... [full details]
Perch on a Stringer Fish Mount Fish Taxidermy Perch Perch on a Stringer - #TM-119
These Perch Fish mounted on a stringer are just one of the combinations we can do for you. Crafted i... [full details]
Pheasant Taxidermy
Larger VersionPheasant Taxidermy Pheasant Taxidermy
Pheasant Flying - #TM-122
This wonderful Pheasant mounted in a flight position, is mounted to a natural piece of drift wood. Your mount can be created using either a cock or hen, just please specify when ordering. Crafted in the U.S.A.
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