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Taxidermy Mounts

With over 30 years experience in taxidermy, Arden Creek Designs has been a leader in the industry and offers some of the best North American taxidermy available. These mounts are skillfully crafted by our artisans to provide you with a product that is as realistic as if you were encountering the animal in its natural environment. Our craftsmen thoroughly inspects each hide to ensure they are of the highest quality, ensuring your mount will be a premium product. Due to our taxidermy being crafted from a natural product, there will always be variations in color and size. We strive in providing you with the smallest amount of variation in our product, but please know that variation is inevitable. Sorry Mother Nature is in control in this field. However, bare in mind this only makes your taxidermy mount more unique and distinctive! The samples shown here are only a portion of the many taxidermy mounts we can produce, and if you do not see a particular specimen or pose, we are more than happy to assist you in crafting your custom taxidermy mount. We also have the availability to produce mounts of species from other continents, not just North America. We have been supplying private residences, museum and other public organizations with our hand mounted taxidermy for many years. Give us a call today and let us help you with your new mount!