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Mounted Resting Red Fox

Resting Red Fox

The Red Fox is a mammal who is found around the world in a variety of diverse habitats such as forests, mountains, deserts, grasslands and urban dwellings. The resourcefulness of the Red Fox has gained it a legendary reputation for intelligence and cunningness. The tail of the Red Fox is longer than half the body length of the creature, and has multiple purposes such as being used as an aid for balance, a signal to communicate with other Red Foxes, as well as being used as cover to warm the creature in cold weather. The fur of the Red Fox is generally a bright rusty red color with hints of yellow on the back with the belly consisting of a greyish brown tone.  

Our elegant mount of a Red Fox is poised lying on its side relaxed. Since all of our mounts are crafted in house here in the U.S.A., we are happy to customize the position of the mount in any natural position your design specifications require. The taxidermy mount of the Red Fox is a free standing mount; however, if you would like to have it mounted on a natural piece of wood, you may do so, just specify when ordering. This adorable little creature would look great on any shelf, mantle, ledge, table or stack of books! Due to this being a natural product, please be aware that no two animals are alike.


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