North American Mounts: General

Antelope Head


This fantastic two pronged antelope is a wonderful addition to any taxidermy collection. Hand mounted in our studio here in the U.S.A. by our craftsmen, the Antelope mount is a prime example of true craftsmanship.

The English word "antelope" first appeared in 1417 and is derived from the Old French
 antelop, itself derived from Medieval Latin ant(h)alopus, which in turn comes from the Byzantine Greek word anthólops, first attested in Eustathius of Antioch (circa 336), according to whom it was a fabulous animal "haunting the banks of the Euphrates, very savage, hard to catch and having long, saw-like horns capable of cutting down trees". It perhaps derives from Greek anthos(flower) and ops (eye), perhaps meaning "beautiful eye" or alluding to the animals' long eyelashes. This, however, may be a later folk etymology. The word talopus and calopus, from Latin, came to be used in heraldry. In 1607, it was first used for living, cervine animals. An Antelope is a member of a number of even-toed ungulate species indigenous to various regions in Africa and Eurasia.


We carefully inspect each hide to ensure they are void of any defects. Due to the use of natural materials and Mother Nature being in charge, no two animals are exactly alike. A timeless accent piece, this majestic mount will look perfect in any décor setting.



All of the products handmade at Arden Creek are custom creations by our skilled artisans. If you would like to have us build something similar to the one pictured, perhaps with your own custom design idea, simply call or email us to place your order. We love working with designers, architects, interior decorators and homeowners to give their space a touch of rustic elegance.