North American Mounts: General

Northern Pike


We provide Northern Pike taxidermy mounts in any custom configuration you prefer, as well as generally being able to provide a variety of sizes. We hold our products to a high standard of quality, and thus carefully inspect our fish to ensure they are clear of any defects.

The Northern Pike derives its common name from its resemblance to the pole-weapon known as the pike. These fish are fresh water fish found in the Northern Hemisphere and typically grow to a relatively large size: the average length is about 16 to 22 inches.

Northern Pike are most often olive green, shading from yellow to white along the belly. Pike are found in sluggish streams and shallow, weedy places in lakes, as well as in cold, clear, rocky waters. They are typical ambush predators; they lie in wait for prey, holding perfectly still for long periods, and then exhibit remarkable acceleration as they strike. In short, they inhabit any water body that contains fish, but suitable places for spawning are essential for their numbers.


Due to being a natural product, it is inevitable there will be variation from fish to fish; as this is the nature of the industry. Each Pike mount is carefully hand mounted by our craftsmen here in the U.S.A.


All of the products handmade at Arden Creek are custom creations by our skilled artisans. If you would like to have us build something similar to the one pictured, perhaps with your own custom design idea, simply call or email us to place your order. We love working with designers, architects, interior decorators and homeowners to give their space a touch of rustic elegance.