North American Mounts: General

Standing Gray Fox


The gray fox is a carnivorous mammal ranging throughout most of the southern half of North America from southern Canada to the northern part of South America.  The gray fox is mainly distinguished by its grizzled upper parts, black-tipped tail and strong neck. Prior to European colonization of North America, the red fox was found primarily in boreal forest and the gray fox in deciduous forest, but now the red fox is dominant in most of the eastern United States since they are the more adaptable species to development and urbanization. It can climb branchless, vertical trunks to heights of 18 meters and jump from branch to branch. It descends primarily by jumping from branch to branch, or by descending slowly backwards as a domestic cat would do. The gray fox is nocturnal and makes its den in hollow trees, stumps or appropriated burrows during the day.

The elegant mount of a Standing Gray Fox is positioned on a natural piece of drift wood as though it were scouting the area for an unsuspecting rabbit or grouse. The base of this taxidermy mount is able to be constructed to either be wall mounted or free standing. Just be sure to stipulate what you prefer when ordering. The majestic Standing Gray Fox is the perfect specimen to display as an accent piece on a table or on a fireplace mantle.


The standard form for this mount is in the standing position, but because all of our taxidermy mounts are constructed in house here in the U.S.A., our skilled craftsmen are able to create any natural custom pose you desire for your fox. Each piece is thoroughly inspected to ensure it is of the highest quality and void of any defects. This is a natural material, so please understand no two mounts will be exactly the same.


All of the products handmade at Arden Creek are custom creations by our skilled artisans. If you would like to have us build something similar to the one pictured, perhaps with your own custom design idea, simply call or email us to place your order. We love working with designers, architects, interior decorators and homeowners to give their space a touch of rustic elegance.