North American Mounts: General

Standing Ruffed Grouse


Arden Creek's Ruffed Grouse taxidermy mount is positioned standing on a natural piece of wood or a bracket mushroom. The base of this taxidermy mount is able to be crafted to be wall mounted or free standing. Just let our craftsmen know at time of order what you prefer for you item. This beautiful little mount is perfect for any shelf, fireplace mantle, wall or ledge in your room.

The Ruffed Grouse is a medium-sized bird habiting forests from the Appalachian Mountains across Canada to Alaska, as well it is non-migratory. The dappled, grayish or reddish Ruffed Grouse is hard to see, but its “drumming on air” display is a fixture of many spring forests.

This plump grouse has a cocky crest and a tail marked by a broad, dark band near the tip. Displaying males expose a rich black ruff of neck feathers, giving them their name. The male Ruffed Grouse’s signature drumming display doesn’t involve drumming on anything but air. As the bird quickly rotates its wings forward and backward, air rushes in beneath the wings creating a miniature vacuum that generates a deep, thumping sound wave that carries up to a quarter of a mile.


Each of our taxidermy mounts are handcrafted in house here in the U.S.A. using only the finest natural products available. Because this is a natural product, please remember that no two birds are exactly alike, and that there will be variations in size, color and pattern.



All of the products handmade at Arden Creek are custom creations by our skilled artisans. If you would like to have us build something similar to the one pictured, perhaps with your own custom design idea, simply call or email us to place your order. We love working with designers, architects, interior decorators and homeowners to give their space a touch of rustic elegance.