North American Mounts: General

Striking Rattlesnake


Arden Creek's fantastic taxidermy mount of the Rattlesnake is sure to add a striking addition to any décor setting! Mounted in a striking pose, the Rattlesnake is a free standing mount.

Native to the Americas, Rattlesnakes are a group of venomous snakes that live in a wide variety of habitats, preying on small birds and rodents. The majority of the Rattlesnakes live in the Southwest of the U.S.A. and Mexico. These snakes receive their name from the rattle located at the end of their tail. This feature makes a loud rattling noise when vibrated, used to help the snake deter predators or as a warning to passer-byers.

The skin of the Rattlesnake is comprised of overlapping scales which cover the entire body, providing the animal protection from any physical trauma and dehydration. The scales of the Rattlesnake are intricately patterned with subtle earth tone colors resembling its surrounding environment to help camouflage them from their predators.


Whether you choose to display it on your bookshelf, fireplace mantle, a table or a ledge in your room, this majestic mount is sure to be a conversation starter. The Rattlesnake taxidermy mount is mounted in studio here in the U.S.A. Please be aware that no two snakes are alike as they are a natural item.


All of the products handmade at Arden Creek are custom creations by our skilled artisans. If you would like to have us build something similar to the one pictured, perhaps with your own custom design idea, simply call or email us to place your order. We love working with designers, architects, interior decorators and homeowners to give their space a touch of rustic elegance.